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A beautiful and colorful Spring Bouquet
Catherine Watson Artist
All Original Hand-painted Watercolors
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My Name is Catherine

I have been painting watercolors and acrylics as per the floras on the left.  This is second nature to me being I have been painting my style of painting for many years.

Recently, I have been able to experiment and be more than one dimensional as I have been exploring watercolors and brushes I have never used before.  

I have been a watercolor artist for many years, but I have painted on my own signature style.  I am now exploring a new dimension to my style, and I am having so much fun doing it.

My sincere hope is that you will enjoy my art as well.  I hope it makes you smile and maybe even  sense of whimsy.

Every painting is an original,  If you have custom colors you would like a special one of a kind painted special for you, just contact me and I would be happy to create something for you.  I do ask that you keep in mind, I do not copy anything, I create something that is an impression.  

I look forward to hearing from you,


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